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Daniels Landscaping has set an industry standard in the design, installation and maintenance of fine gardens and landscapes.

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It not only beautifies your home but it increases its value and provides one with a complete sense of tranquility even in the most urban environments. The harmony of living plants, flowers, trees and flowing waters, alongside finely crafted stone and woodwork transcends an ordinary landscape into one that’s truly extraordinary. Daniels Landscaping has received numerous accolades from clients and industry professionals.


Award-winning, landscape and patio design company offering a full range of services.


Extraordinary Landscape Design and Construction

Lush Seasonal & Themed Landscapes

Water Features & Illumination

Custom-Built Outdoor Living Spaces

Stone and Woodwork

Daniels Landscaping is a Turn-key Landscape Design and Installation Company. We take you from a budget-managed design to a beautifully completed project. Inquire today!

Respect the Environment

Daniel Perkey, our founder, is a graduate of The Ohio State University and fully educated on horticulture, design principles and environmental factors.

Respect the Homeowner

We consult with you, inquire about your vision and lifestyle, and respect your budget to make your dream a reality.

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Respect the Design

We create a landscape that’s exceptional from every viewpoint providing outstanding curb appeal as well as beautiful vistas outside each window of the home.

You can depend on us!

Reliable Service

When you need the very best Columbus landscapers for your projects, Daniels Landscaping will unite your desires with the most beautiful elements of nature. Listening to our clients about their dreams and lifestyle can help us create everything from vibrant flower gardens to outstanding outdoor entertaining spaces.

If it is time to change the curb appeal and outdoor livability of your home for the better, give Daniels Landscaping a call. We will present you with the best design, craftsmanship and friendly service in landscaping –second to none.